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B.Tech. Induction 2020- A Blog by #Classof2024

The year is 2020 and the date is 16th December, as Covid-19 still reigns terror over people all around the world, a selected set of about 600 students wake up all excited for it is the first day of their… Continue Reading →

How IIITD is coping with COVID – 19

People all over the world are currently living in a pandemic and trying to cope up with the COVID-19 situation in their own ways. We are currently living in an unprecedented situation and the spread of the virus along with… Continue Reading →

Experience a pleasant PhD journey with IIIT-Delhi!

While PhD, the highest educational qualification, gives you all the right to call yourself a “doctor”, it also involves experiencing a journey that is not a cakewalk. Experiencing a doctoral journey is the most important phase in an individual’s life… Continue Reading →

Symmetric k-means for Deep Neural Network Compression and Hardware Acceleration on FPGAs

Researchers at IIITD are working at the intersection of compression and hardware acceleration of Deep Learning models. The goal is to develop AI/ML solutions that can perform equally well on the edge, where the availability of resources like power, computation… Continue Reading →

Thinking Out of the Box! Course Projects by IIIT Delhi Students

At IIIT Delhi, we believe in giving our students opportunities beyond the regular classroom teachings through various Btech and Mtech programs including some very fascinating programs like Computer Science and Design, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence etc. You can view… Continue Reading →

Students provide a solution to identify underground pipe leaks

Have you ever wondered what goes on underground, under our homes, offices, etc? An array of pipes run that carry water and even gas. A leak/crack in a system this wide and complex would mean hours of tiring search and… Continue Reading →

How IIITD Changed My Life

When I joined IIIT-Delhi in 2009, the institute was still in its infancy. In fact, there were only 60 students more senior than I was! Even at the counselling, there were clues that I was entering an institution that thought… Continue Reading →

See you again, IIITD (CP <3)

Hustling through the narrow street which turned left from Govind Puri Metro station on the first day of college, to find a beautiful campus at the end of the road was pure joy. My undergraduate journey at IIIT Delhi has… Continue Reading →

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