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Alumni Experiences

Thank You, IIITD! | Amya Rai, Class of 2017

I feel like it was only yesterday when I drove past the main gate with my parents for the first time to have a look at the campus before I apply here. I was astonished by the infrastructure of this… Continue Reading →

13027@IIIT-D | Ayush Shah, Class of 2017

IIIT-Delhi brings in so many memories and cherished experiences all at once in a flash. It is hard to write my heart out, but I will give a fair attempt. In a few words… “IIIT-D has nurtured us from a… Continue Reading →

Ishita Jain Talks About What No One Tells You about IIIT Delhi

It has been a while since the last day at IIIT Delhi. A long while since we last sat down to remember our Alma mater and how our lives were carefully shaped. Everyone is so caught up in the rat-race, trying… Continue Reading →

Everything I Need

  Here’s a truth I realized sometime over the past year: I probably wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing now, or even want to be doing it, if it weren’t for IIIT-D. I was surprised when I discovered this, but I’m… Continue Reading →

Dr. Paridhi Jain writes The Last Blog!

It is an amazing and indeed a fortunate opportunity to be among the first few students of the Institute and your advisor. Why? Because being the first few puts you in the experimental zone, especially for the advisor; this allows… Continue Reading →

Growing Up

By Taneea S Agrawaal Ten years down the line, if somebody asks me, “What has been your best experience?” I’m positive I will reply with, “My college time has been my most valuable experience.”

Following the dream

By Yash Lamba I was 9 years old when I played a witch in a skit competition. I had bagged the role because of my shrilly, high pitched voice and a unique laugh that would have made any witch proud…. Continue Reading →

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