IIIT-Delhi brings in so many memories and cherished experiences all at once in a flash. It is hard to write my heart out, but I will give a fair attempt. In a few words…

“IIIT-D has nurtured us from a young sapling to a fruit bearing plant. The skills which laid latent within us, have been brought to the forefront which can be encashed and used for the welfare of others.”

The journey began in the year 2013 when I first heard about the institute. It sounded cool since it did contain the name of my dream college. Belonging to Gurgaon and being labelled as an outside-Delhi student felt a bit harsh, and I wondered if I would get the few CS seats for which students across the country apply. I was lucky to be amongst the first ones to get an admission.

I remember the first day I visited the campus, it felt like a long walk from the Metro to the campus on a sunny day. The campus was a pleasant surprise, built beautifully in a lush green environment. I was impressed when I looked at the classrooms and the facilities. After interacting with a few seniors and getting to know about the academic culture, I knew this was the place for me!

On the first day (when the attendance is full) I was overwhelmed by the batch strength, a simple way out seemed to be to just sit in the first row and easily interact with the Professors. The lecturers were full of energy and I could easily connect with them and be inspired to learn. I attended every single class, and there was even a day when I was the only one out of 170 students to show up for a class.

Apart from academics I volunteered for Esya, organised Procon Junior interacted with students, teachers and parents from across the country. Being in the sponsorship team for Odyssey, I even went to ask for funds. Every year I managed the Induction Session for the incoming batch, and I relived the ecstasy to be admitted into IIIT-D with every single one of them.



BTech 2013 batch Honors Students. Picture courtesy: Dr Dheeraj Sanghi


In the Summer of 2014, I volunteered to teach underprivileged students mathematics and science. It was a different world altogether, spending 4 hours every day in the slums of a village in Haryana (at times without electricity) teaching and interacting with them. They were so eager to learn, that I never felt a shred of uneasiness. On the last day when the kids organised a small farewell party, adding their savings along with a parting gift for me, I was overwhelmed with emotions. That was the grandest party I had ever been to.

I became friends with my Professor, Dr.HB Acharya, who introduced me to the field of research in Networks and Security. I went to his office post my classes, read and discussed new concepts and Research problems. We often went to hang out and conducted intellectual discussions. After a lot of hard work, I was able to get a Core-A Publication in Network Protocols.

Equipped with my skills, doing group projects and coursework I was able to crack an internship at the IBM Research Labs. At the same time I was selected into Precog (http://precog.iiitd.edu.in/blog/2017/05/24/the-precog-journey/). I was lucky enough to be associated with PK, he has been my guide and a mentor helping me become more efficient in life.

The 4 years of graduation enhanced my personality. Interacting with people having different perspectives and skill sets, increased my experience manifold. It was fun exploring Nepal, Goa and Solang. Each trip strengthened our bond and helped us to not only get to know each other but also find our own identity.

The Placement Season was a grilling experience. Facing rejections gracefully is one of the hardest quality to have. I used to come back to my hostel room and cry at times, however by the grace of God I got into IBM-IRL by the end of the first week. Being the batch topper, over the semesters finally paid off well.

I loved to teach, and hence I taught Linear Algebra and Probability Statistics to my juniors. The respect and admiration I received for my work were inspiring. I was further motivated at every step to help more, as a result, I became quite popular.

The best day at IIIT-D was my Farewell when I was awarded the title ‘Million Dollar Smile’. Two of my best friends (Shivam and Virender) carried me on their shoulders to the stage and all the organisers gathered on the stage to present the title. That moment felt like a culmination of all the love, respect and honour gathered over the four years.

Even years down the line, when I will come back and walk the same pebbled tracks I will cherish and recollect all the precious moments savoured here.

Ayush Shah
BTech Class of 2017