Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi has clearly made a name for itself within the education community. Since its inception in 2008, the institute has achieved numerous milestones, with students making the institute proud in higher studies, research and placements. In all this academic success, the extra curriculars often go unnoticed. However, students of IIIT- Delhi are extremely well rounded, and work hard to build a wholesome, fulfilling life, with a perfect balance of work and play.

Some of our students have worked hard and performed exceedingly well at sports, having won national level accolades. Let us hear from them

Aneesha Lakra(Batch of 2022)- Speed Skating

I started speed skating when I was eight years old but was focussed on it only for about a year. My coach, who had been going for World Championships at that time had recently learnt a few moves of another form of skating – Slalom skating; a form that had yet to be introduced in India. One evening during our practice, he called me inside the rink and asked me to try on his skates and taught me a few steps. Soon we started watching videos on Youtube and learning new moves. I helped him as he coached a few other students, just to popularise the sport. After learning most of the low-grade steps we contacted the Roller Sports Federation, asking them to introduce Slalom in the federation nationals. We showcased demos for the federation authorities and even for fellow skaters during nationals in Chandigarh. Not a long time later, Slalom was introduced as a sport in the federation nationals.
It has been a pleasure watching a sport so close to my heart grow to such heights. Even though I have been a gold medalist in Speed Skating and it was the very first sport I followed, Slalom holds a special place in my heart.
There is no feeling greater than the pride felt in representing my country in the sport I love. Back in 2014, I participated in the Asian Games, and I hope to do it again in the World Championship this year in Barcelona.
Before coming to IIIT-Delhi, I had lost all hope of continuing skating. With all the workload of college, I couldn’t have possibly imagined competing again. However, since I had a relatively free winter last semester, I went and spoke to Ravi sir regarding my nationals, and he had been nothing but supportive. In my short period at IIIT- Delhi, I have come to realize that the college is in fact very supportive of the students’ co-curricular activities, and wants nothing but the best for the students in every aspect of life.

Shaan Chopra(Batch of 2019)- Basketball and Discus Throw

I have participated at the national level in both basketball and discus throw nationals. During my college years, I participated in discus throw junior nationals (girls under-20 category) in Coimbatore in 2016. This was post the 73rd Delhi State Athletics Championships wherein I won the gold medal in the under-20 girls category. Earlier that year, I also stood 2nd at the 2nd Delhi State Athletics Meet in discus throw. I train for discus throw at Thyagraj stadium with my coach, Mr. Santok Singh Rai, since my school days. While it often becomes difficult to balance training with college, I still make the effort be regular.

Besides at state (including YMCA games) and national level events, I have represented IIIT-Delhi in numerous sports fests such as Spardha (IIT-BHU), Sangram (IIT-Roorkee), Udghosh (IIT-Kanpur), Sportech (IIT-Delhi), Bharat Ram sports tournament (LSR), Aahvaan (DTU), and Triquetra (IIITD-NSIT-DTU). I have won a total of 15 medals (14 gold + 1 silver) in discus throw alone in my 4 years at the institute.

At IIIT-Delhi, I got an opportunity to participate in multiple sporting events which I could not have possibly done otherwise. The institute supported my ventures from the very beginning and I was encouraged to participate in as many events as I wanted. They even bore the finance of events to which the college wasn’t sending a “contingent” but I had participated in and won at. A couple of professors were extremely accommodating and allowed me to take re-quizzes and labs when I missed them while attending these events. They regularly lauded my achievements which in turn motivated me further. IIIT-Delhi gave me the motivation and support needed to take my achievements in sports a step forward and I’m extremely grateful for that.

Gunkirat Kaur(Batch of 2019)- Table Tennis

I started playing table tennis when I was in class 5. I used to play for a couple of hours everyday of the week.I started playing in Moradabad, which is a small city in Uttar Pradesh. There were no girls in my age group, and so I qualified for the state level quite easily.

I first played state level in 6th grade.  After practicing hard for two years I was UP state rank. This was the first time I went for National and represented UP state. In my first nationals, I did not qualify for the quarters. My family then shifted to Ambala and there I represented Haryana at the national level in my 10th grade, and this time I reached quarterfinals.

I have tried to pursue sports actively even in college and while it becomes extremely difficult at times to manage that with the academic stress of college, I feel I have been lucky enough to find the perfect balance.

Syesha Girdher(Batch of 2019)-

My introduction to sports was quite by accident. As a young girl of 5th standard, I had a lot of free time on my hands and my mother was quite insistent on me playing a sport. I started playing table tennis and had 3-hour long sessions, 6 days a week. I started by playing at the district level, followed by state, and then national. In my 8th standard, I lost in the quarterfinals of the north zone nationals. In 2008, I ranked 58 in the national ranking for women. Due to certain family restrictions, I couldn’t play in any zone outside Delhi, however, my entire journey in sports was extremely enriching and taught me a lot.

I have had the pleasure to represent the institute in various inter-college fests such as those at IIT BHU, Triquetra, IIM Indore, where I have won the gold medal multiple times. I have also won silver medals in various fests at IIT Delhi, IIT Roorkee, and IIT Kanpur.