• By Katyayani Singh
The skies feel my pain.
They shed tears
Of sympathy,
Of support,
Of empathy.
Nature gives me what a human never did.

Yet my vision is overcast,
With clouds
Of doubt,
Of fear,
Of apprehension.
Failure has changed me like success never did.
The storm rages outside,
But destruction reigns within;
Extinguishing the fire
Of high hopes,
Of lofty dreams,
Of ambitious ascents.
It has drained the strength I never knew I had.
Lightning rips across the sky,
Thunder roars contemptuously,
Mirroring the tumult that unfolds within.
Tormenting me,
Abusing me,
Killing me.
You have done to me what no one ever did.
You are going to be the death of me.