Her experience in her own words

I came to know about Snap Research’s work while referring to the publications by some of the researchers there. While exploring the work done by them, I came to learn about the Snap Research Scholarship program. This was the 2nd iteration of the program, hence, there were no resources from past scholars that I could refer to. However, I had been engaged in research work at IIIT Delhi under the guidance of Dr. Tanmoy and also from collaborations with IBM IRL. The skills that I had acquired from the projects that I took up aligned a lot with the work that Snap engages in. Hence, I decided to frame my application on the basis of my past experience and how it would help me utilize the resources given by Snap Inc. I would certainly say that the application driven scope of the courses offered and the early exposure to research environment played a huge role. After a brief screening process, I was interviewed by two researchers at Snap. These interviews were very different from what I had experienced and heard of before. They focused on coding, analyzing how I reacted to new problems that I hadn’t tackled earlier as well as my past projects.


Finally, when the result arrived, I really could not believe that I had been selected as one of the scholars. It felt surreal to be listed on the same page as people from some of the best universities of the world. The cherry on top of the cake was that I was also the only student selected from India! All in all, I am really thankful to IIIT Delhi for providing such a platform for me to develop myself, my advisor Dr. Tanmoy for constantly pushing me to better myself and my collaborators for being such a great support system. I am really excited about what working at Snap Inc. will be like, when I intern there!


Further details about the program and the awardees can be found here – https://snapresearchfs.splashthat.com/

BRIHI JOSHI, Btech ECE, Class of 2020