This summer, our two final year students ASEEM SAINI and DEVESH YADAV went for the Game Development Internship at Sangmyung University, Seoul Campus. The Internship was provided under a collaborative program of Centre for Design and New Media at IIIT-Delhi & Sanmyung University.

Sharing their experience below

“It is an immense pleasure as students of IIIT-Delhi, that we got an opportunity to intern at Sangmyung University, South Korea. A unique experience for us that we got to synthesize the information and concepts we learned in our class to apply it in the real world. We discovered that team-work is an essential part of society to be successful and achieve the goals. Most of our problems seem to become easy while discussing and researching together as a part of a well-functioning team.

The International Game Development internship held with the collaboration of TCS-Centre for Design and New Media at IIIT-Delhi and Sanmyung University, South Korea, helped us boost our confidence and skills. It focused on the development of a game with the International team comprising of Korean students. The courses we studied in IIIT-Delhi for Game development was enlightening, and we developed a lot of skills through it. All of the knowledge that we gathered in our college helped us throughout our Internship and made our progress really well. The Korean team highly appreciated our ideas and designs.

At the Internship, we learned how to make a professional game by preparing a game design document and working on the game and further launch it in the market. After working at the Internship, we understood how much planning goes into making a good game. Instead of randomly working on a project, we need to plan every minor detail before starting.

The team, we were involved with, were highly experienced and motivated which boosted our confidences and made us work energetically and enthusiastically.
We participated in a ‘Game-Jam Competition’ at Sangmyung University and competed with other Korean teams. The judges and Korean students highly appreciated our game, and we were given a special warm regards and greetings for participation and showing our skills for the same. This was an exceptionally joyful moment for us, as our work was presented and appreciated Internationally.
This whole experience taught us a lot about the game development and design field and sharpened our skills and knowledge. In addition to this, not to mention, the International exposure of working in a different country and managing ourselves with day to day activities and experiencing the whole new culture was an entirely different exposure.”

Apart from work, we had a lot of fun during our stay in South Korea. We visited many tourist places in Korea and experienced authentic and world-famous Korean-cuisines.

The culture of the Game Development society in Korea is very welcoming, which will make you feel exceptional while working along-side them. We made a lot of new friends there, which were very helpful throughout our stay.
We want to express our gratitude to our Professor and mentor, Professor Kim. He is an extremely accommodating and supportive person who made his best to make us feel at home during our time.
Overall, to conclude the Internship was quite a success and helped us to take an uplift our careers. We plan to work and apply our knowledge that we learned during our Internship in our profession and day to day life and achieve the best out of it. I would like to thank “TCS – Centre for Design and New Media (CDNM) at IIIT-Delhi” for providing us with such an excellent opportunity to intern at Sangmyung University, South Korea. It was a totally life-changing experience for both of us.