Infosys/Foundation is giving IIIT-Delhi a multi-million dollar grant to establish the Infosys Center for Artificial Intelligence, the formal inauguration of which was held on April 4, 2016. It was a historical day for IIIT-Delhi. Mr. Pravin Rao, Chief Operating Officer of Infosys, inaugurated the Infosys Center for AI. He also unveiled the website of the Center:

This is one of the largest industry-supported research centers in an academic institution in the country and is a monumental leap for IIIT-Delhi.
Mr. Rao spoke about the grant in his vision for the center, “Research is very critical for technological advancement and Infosys is happy to extend support to the center. This is the era of Artificial Intelligence.”
The Director of IIIT-Delhi, Professor Jalote, remarked, “You can’t be a global player in the education sector if you aren’t a global player in research… This collaboration is a shining example for industry to support research and academia to be worthy of it.” He further said, “The AI Center is an opportunity to show that when generous support comes from industry, academia can rise to the challenge.” The Chairman of IIIT-Delhi also commented on the lack of funding for research in India and said, “We are one of the poorest spenders when it comes to R&D. We are behind China, U.S.A., and Israel… Maybe this can pave the way for a new model in which the government provides funds for the infrastructure, and the industry provides funds for software technologies required for research.”
The center is being headed by Srikanth Saripalli, who is an expert in Robotics and UAVs. He will be spending his sabbatical at IIIT Delhi. It will facilitate research in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Large Scale Data Analytics, etc.

Please find Mr. Narayana Murthy, Executive Chairman, Infosys Ltd. talking about the same here